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11 December 2015 
Christmas and New Year on BalloonsIT
Welcome to Christmas and New Year on BalloonsIT Here is a quick guide to all BalloonsIT Christmas and New year articles. All about balloon Snowmans, Santa Scultpures and printed balloons one place. A collection of usefull tips and ideas. If »
15 October 2015 
Halloween on BalloonsIT
Welcome to Halloween on BalloonsIT Here is a quick guide to all BalloonsIT Halloween articles. All about balloon pumpkins,  Halloween  dresses, printed balloons and halloween competiotions one one place. A collection of usefull tips and ideas. If »
18 September 2015 
Halloween pumpkin base - Photo article
Created by Michael Gjerek   Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to start collecting some fresh ideas. Today we will show you in this 18 picture article, how »
24 August 2015 
Pacifier helium bouquet - Step by step article
Baby bouqets are always a warm addition to any Baby shower celebration. In this article we will show you how to create a quick and easy Pacifier balloon bouquet.Change the color of balloons to blue and use it also for Baby boy celebrations. Combine »
12 Avgust 2015 
Polka Dot Owl - Step by step article
Create a spooky Halloween welcome sign with this very popular Polka Dot Owl.  Material List1. Balloon Pump or Premiun`s Cool Air inflator2. Pastel Black 12 inch balloons ( B105) - cca 6 pieces3. Pastel Black 12 inch Polka »
7 August 2015 
Helium Column - Photo Step by Step Article
Created by Edward Trzeciakiewicz - Edan-Art  DecoTeam PolandA Helium column makes an elegant focal point for any room or entryway.  Create this adorable decoration using BELBAL`s 12 »
29 July 2015 
Spider Helium Decoration - Step by step article
In this step by step photo article we will show you how to create an impressive Halloween spider helium bouquet with BELBAL`s spider printed balloons and our balloon spider from one of our previous articles. A fun and versatile decoration to use »
27 July 2015 
Halloween Cat - Step by step article
Sometimes less is more. See how to build an elegant black Halloween cat from just few balloons.  Very usefull in combination with BELBAL`s Halloween message prints as an elegant focal point for any room or entryway. Material list:1. »
1 July 2015 
All balloon dresses in one arcticle
On BalloonsIT and we have decided to put all dresses together in a collection in one article so you can see the variety and beauty of these creations for yourself. Enlarge the pictures »
22 June 2015 
Kaatje & Friends
The BELBAL Team is pleased to annouce that we have launched our new licenced Balloon line » Kaatje & Friends«. Please review the enclosed pictures of the balloons and packages. A colourful combination of high quality latex balloons, beautiful »
29 May 2015 
Palme Tree General DecoTool Xpress - FREE DOWNLOAD
Our Xpress DecoTools will save you time in planning and calculating your decorations. This popular and versatile palm tree is available in the e-shop now for purchase and can be used in a wide variety of settings from parties to holiday promotions. »
15 April 2015 
BELBAL workshop “Spring Inspiration” in Kazan / Russia
The event took place on Monday the 6th and Tuesday 7th of April in Kazan, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tartastan, Russia. The event was organized by the company »Volshebnik« and supported by BELBAL and Europa Uno Trade. »
18 March 2015 
Ladybird - Step by Step Article
 Created by Michael Gjerek In this article we will explain how to built a 12 balloon cluster Ladybird sculpture. Working time should be approximately 10 - 15 min, depending »
27 February 2015 
Juggling Clown - photo step by step article
In this step by step photo article we will show you how to create a simple and effective Clown sculpture.The sculpture is created with 5 inch, 11 inch, 3 feet  and modelling balloons. Standing at 1,8 m h x 1.4m w, he can be assembled in about 1.30 »
15 February 2015 
BalloonsIT Picture gallery
We now have over 4000 pictures and more than 80 video clips from balloon »
3 February 2015 
Valentine Flower Bouquet - Photo step by step article
Perfect for Valentine, Birhtday, Weddings or any anniversary events. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to your customers together with your Valentine offer.Our step-by-step article of this Valentine Flower Bouquet include 14 pictures. We are sure »
16 January 2011 
This fantastic heart wall sculpture is created with 12 round latex balloons and can be used hanging or free standing. This decoration measure 2.5m h x 2.9m w and can be assembled in around 3.5 to 4 hours with experience. Use as a backdrop on a stage, »

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