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29 December 2014 
Happy New Year
Dear Valued BELBAL partner, 2014 has been a year of change. It looks like everything is in movement, but one thing remained stable throughout the year and that is the loyalty of our customers, employees and partners. We thank you for this constructive »
18 December 2014 
Santa Sculpture - Christmas DecoTool Xpress - MEMBER`S FREE DOWNLOAD
Welcome to your Decotool Xpress Christmas Santa 3 Sculpture .Our fabulous life-size Santa column sculpture is created with 5” and 11” round latex and modelling balloons. Standing at 2.15m h x 1.65m w, this impressive decoration can »
3 December 2014 
Snowflake - Step by step Article
Created by Michael Gjerek  Create a festive atmosphere in any place by hanging up some of these giant balloon snowflakes. Based on one 12 balloon cluster, this snowflake will take you approximately »
14 November 2014 
Balloon Vehicle Gallery
We recently added some new images to our Balloon Vehicle Gallery, where we are compiling pictures to help give you lots of ideas for designing your company car, whether you are new to the industry or looking to redevelop your vehicle’s image. »
8 November 2014 
Balloon Painting
In this article we will present a method of balloon painting with balloon printing ink. This method has not the same advantages as silk sreen printing ( very slow, no rasters, no thin lines) but brings much fun to all creative people.  We »
3 November 2014 
St. Martin on BalloonsIT
St. Martin is a holiday for many wine producing countries. A great opportunity to decorate shopping malls and wine presentations. All about Grapes and Bottles on one place. A collection of pictures and useful Decotool from the E-shop.  If you have »
28 October 2014 
Cat arch Halloween DecoTool Xpress - MEMBER`S FREE DOWNLOAD
This eye-catching black cat entrance arch is created with 5 and 11 round latex and modelling balloons and measures 2.4m w x 3.5m h. An experienced decorator can assemble this in around 2 - 3 hours. An ideal entrance at Halloween functions that could »
19 October 2014 
Report on 15th International Moscow Balloon Festival
The International Moscow Balloon Festival, with BELBAL as general sponsor, has become one of the most prestigious European events in the balloon decoration industry.The 15th edition was a 4 day event full of hard work, learning and fun. A festival »
2 October 2014 
Apple Twist Teapot - Photo Step by Step Article
»I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout…«.   Include this little Teapot character to your next tea or children themed decoration. Placed on stage or in combination with helium filled balloons, »
16 September 2014 
Apple Twist Gold Fish - Photo Article
Welcome to our Apple Twist Gold Fish Photo Article. This article is for advanced and professional decorators, as it include to many steps to be explained in detail.   Focus your attention on 3 importand techniques: 1. Creating an »
6 September 2014 
Apple Twist Rubber Duck - Photo Step by Step Article
 In this article we are presenting you our version of the Apple Twist Rubber Duck sculpture. Make your bath time next time lots of fun and create this Rubber Duck in about 5 - 10 minutes.Material list:1. 12 inch Pastel Bright Yellow balloons »
30 August 2014 
Beer tankard General DecoTool Xpress
Welcome to your Decotool Xpress General Beer tankard.Celebrate the Oktoberfest, real ale campaigns and beer festivals with this beer tankard decoration. This is created with 11 round latex and modelling balloons, measures 2m w x 2.3m h and can »
9 Avgust 2014 
Old Garden Vase - Photo Step by Step Article
Created by Michael GjerekSince I remember I was always fascinated with still life, old garden vases and urns. For long time I am collecting books and images  and spending my free time to imitate »
29 July 2014 
XV International Moscow Balloon Festival
Everything is ready for the 15th Edition of the International Moscow Balloon Festival from 22 to 26 September 2014. For this year the organisers prepared  an attractive list of teachers and demonstrators drawn from the top specialists not »
23 July 2014 
Ladybug General DecoTool Xpress - FREE DOWNLOAD
Ladybird created with 5 round latex and modelling balloons and measuring 1.4m w x 2.3m h. This pretty decoration will take around three hours for an experienced decorator to construct.Use in a wide variety of settings including birthdays, garden »
24 June 2014 
Sharm Art May - June 2014
Wedding season is gaining momentum. This issue about modern directions and trends in wedding decor. About wedding trends says decorator from Perm - Elena Zhabchikova, which argues that today balloons acceptable only for weddings with small budget, for »
22 June 2014 
XV Moscow International Balloon Festival - Competitions
Preparations for competitions ad the International Moscow Balloon Festival has started. This year participants can join following 5 different competitions. 1. Large balloon sculpture2. Small balloon sculpture3. Balloon »
8 June 2014 
XV Moscow International Balloon Festival
Welcome to the Moscow International Balloon Festival – the largest professional balloon event in Russia.This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Festival. As skills of participants and the level of organization grows, the Festival »
28 May 2014 
Apple Twist Birthday Cake - Photo article
Here is a sample of a quick and impressive Birthday Cake using the Apple Twist technique. With a little experiance you can build this low budget Birthday gift in about 15 - 25 minutes.   Material list: 1. 2 feet Pastel White balloons »
14 May 2014 
Apple Twist Clown Fish - Step by Step Article
Using the Apple Twist technique for a fish sculpture? Why not? In this basic step by step article we will show you with the help of 26 pictures how to build a simple Clown Fish. Maybe not the best one, but we are sure you will be able to adapt this fish »
8 May 2014 
Oldie but goldie
Going trough some images from the archives, we found a collection from one of our first balloon dress shootings. Hard to belive that this images are already 10 years old.     »
29 April 2014 
Mountain Bike
Here is a photo article for a Mountain bike twisted from 160`s and 260`s modelling balloons.  In this 18 images article we will show you how create an Bike which stands approximately 50 »
27 April 2014 
15 International Moscow Balloon Festival
Count down has started for the 15th edition of the International Moscow Balloon Festival from the 23th to 26th of September 2014. This event has really grown over the 15 years and is set to be another important date in the calendar »
22 April 2014 
Easter Eggs - Photo Article
Give your Easter gifts the perfect finishing touch - wrap them with modelling balloons. In this Photo Article we show you 5 amazing twisting techniques to wrap your Easter gift with 260 modelling balloons. Some of them for beginners and some of »
16 April 2014 
Flower 2 Easter DecoTool - MEMBER`S FREE DOWNLOAD
This large flower column sculpture makes a particularly good Easter decoration but can also be used for any event with a spring or summer theme, from weddings to summer fairs. Standing at 230cm h x 150cm w, this is created with 5, 11 and 20 round latex »
8 April 2014 
Sharm Art March - April 2014
№ 39 About Internet We don’t make a secret - our magazine staff is a little bit anxious. Analysts' forecasts are disappointing. They promise that by 2030 online internet resources will completely swallow customary newspapers, magazines »
4 April 2014 
Apple Twist Bride Sculpture - Photo step by step article
With the wedding season approaching fast, check  out this faboulus Bride sculpture created almost completely with the »Apple twist« technique. This sculpture stays arround 1,7 m high and requiere some experience with 3 feet and modelling »
28 March 2014 
Apple Twist Clock - Photo Article
Created by Michael Gjerek   In this article we are presenting you our Clock sculpture using the Apple Twist technique. Ok, not only the »
24 March 2014 
Apple Twist Bee - Photo step by step article
Spring is coming, the right time to present you some new sculptures using the Apple Twist and Raisin Twist technique. Material List:1. 12 inch B105 Pastel Bright Yellow balloons - 2 pcs2. 12 inch B105 Pastel Black balloons - 2 pcs3. 5 »
10 March 2014 
DecoTool Easter Rabbit - Free Download
 Welcome to yourEaster DecoTool Rabbit 1.   Our large Easter Rabbit column sculpture is created with 5 and 11 round latex and modelling balloons and is 2.35m h x 1.6m w. With experience a decorator can build this decoration »
18 February 2014 
Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014
There were many eye-catchers on the BELBAL booth during the recent 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. A massive six meter Balloon Wall with 120 different Belgian Beer logo’s printed from one up till eight colors on BELBAL latex balloons. Some »
10 February 2014 
Sharm Art January -February 2014
The new Sharm-art issue is a special one. We are looking for new forms to present materials - sculptures and other type of designs of russian, asian and european decorators that you may find on our pages. We should admit that some of the sections and »
24 January 2014 
Valentine Heart - Step by Step Article
As Valentine`s Day is approaching fast, we prepared an article of a heart sculpture, using clusters with balloons inflated to different sizes.  This heart column is created with 5 inch and 12 inch round latex balloons and stands at 1,8m high »
17 January 2014 
Meet BELBAL during the Nuremberg Toy Show
Dear valued BELBAL partner, We are pleased to announce that BELBAL will be demonstrating exciting new products during the upcoming Nuremberg Toy Show in Germany. - A new balloon size- New print designs- New products for retail- »
10 January 2014 
Arch 1 Love DecoTool - Members Free Download
Welcome to your Decotool Love Arch 1.Create a stunning entrance at Valentine's celebrations, weddings, engagement parties and anniversaries with this pretty heart shaped »

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