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How to buy a digital camera?

Which digital camera should I buy to take pictures of my balloon decorations?
It can be difficult to buy a digital camera, especially if this is the first time you've purchased digital.
You may be confused by the wide range of models on the market.This article will help you make decisions about what camera to buy.Your main goal is to find a camera that lets you easily take and use pictures and that fits in your price range.
Things to look for: 
A 2-megapixel camera is fine for snapshots but if you want to produce prints of your decorations, you'll need at least a 3-megapixel camera. 4- or 5-megapixel cameras will allow you to make bigger prints and edit parts of an image.
Optical zoom
Optical zoom physically moves the camera lenses to zoom in on a subject. All cameras offer digital zoom, but it results in photos that aren't nearly as good as those produced with an optical zoom.It`s recommended that you have at least 2x optical zoom in any camera you buy.
Storage media
Generally, the feature is expressed in MB (megabytes) of RAM of storage. A memory card allows you to expand the storage capacity. Make sure you can use removable storage media and be prepared to spend money on at least one extra media card and card readers.
Battery Life
Your camera will either use its own proprietary supplied battery and charger, or it will use AA sized batteries. If it uses AA batteries, then plan on buying one or two sets of NiMH rechargeables and a recharger.
Image-editing software
 Look for useful packages like Adobe Photoshop Elements. Give extra consideration to a camera with image-editing software. You`ll need this software for editing pictures and preparing them for the internet.
LCD viewfinder
The LCD screen can be used as a viewfinder in addition to being used to review and delete images. When looking at a camera, make sure that its viewfinder is easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions, that it doesn't wash out in bright sunlight, or vanish behind glare.
Video capability
Some cameras are able to take moving pictures, but the ability is extremely limited. Don't base your decision on video capability. It`s still better to invest in a video camera if you want to make videos.
Try before you buy
Some cameras are esier to use than others. We prefer to try out the camera first in the store - play with the controls and get comfortable with them. Only then will you know whether it's comfortable enough for you. Find out how long you must wait between taking pictures. Test the LCD viewfinder if possible in the sun.
In the end, you may not be able to say exactly why you like one camera over another. Before you make that purchase though, be sure that you've made your decision based on how well the camera fits your needs, and not on marketing hype. It is important that you set yourself a budget before going online or visiting an electronics shop.

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