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The Biggest Polish Balloon Decoration 2011 - Final report

'The Biggest Polish Balloon Decoration 2011' was organised by BELBAL, BELBAL distributor in Poland and BalloonsIT. The event took place from Thursday the 17th of March till Sunday the 20th of March 2011 at the Hotel Smithy Napoleonic, in Teresin, near Warsaw.
The main idea of the project was to create within 3 days a World of Insects decoration in a space of approximately 600 square metres using 125.000 balloons (round, modelling and foil).
About 100 decorators and students from Poland and other countries around the globe joined the big decoration, seminars and sponsor product presentations.
Lead by 16 Group leaders, participants learned and shared different basics and advanced balloon techniques. The decoration room was open for 16 hours per day, giving everybody enough time to practise and finish their sculpture.
Parallel with the Big decoration, 12 seminars were given by 6 teachers in separate training rooms.
We thank all the attendees, teachers and sponsors for helping to make this event into a big success.
Teachers and Team leaders: Artur Chojancki ( Poland ), Bartosz Dryl ( Poland ), David de Bustos ( Spain ), Chris Horne ( UK ), Jan Karolewski ( Poland ), Sabina Kellner ( Austria ), Paul Kenyon  ( UK ), Michal Malkiewicz  ( Poland ), Andrey Osokin ( Russia ), Ernst Reiter ( Belgium ), Agata Sobczak ( Poland ), Dmitriy Tishenko ( Russia ), Irina Tkatsevich ( Belarus ), Petar Tošić ( Slovenia ), Ania & Edward Trzeciakiewicz ( Poland ), Michael Gjerek ( Slovenia ).
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We would like to ask all participants to send us their pictures to michael.g@balloonsIT.com. We will publish them on BalloonsIT and Facebook during the next few days.



























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