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About the Event

The countdown for the Biggest Polish Decoration 2011 has started. The event will take place from Thursday 17th of March 2011 to Sunday the 20th of March 2011 at the Hotel Smithy Napoleonic in Teresin, near Warsaw. The main idea of the project is to inform and connect decorators/twisters and create within 3 days a flora and fauna decoration in a space of approximately 600 square metres using 125,000 balloons (round, modelling and foil).

We expect more than 200 decorators and twisters, BELBAL distributors from Poland and other European countries to join the creation of the Beautiful World of Insects themed decoration.

Divided into 8-12 parallel workshops, students will learn different basics and advanced balloon techniques from their team leaders. The decoration room will be open for 16 hours per day, giving everybody enough time to practice and finish his sculpture. Parallel with the Big decoration, different seminars will be given by international teachers.

We invite all twisters and decorators to join this event full of passion and creativity regardless of where you are.

Stay in touch with one of the biggest and creative European Balloon Events. Details and regular updates about accommodation, arrival and the event program will be announced weekly in the News at the BalloonsIT Website.

Your comments

ELZIRA ALVES |6 Apr 2011 14:16|
Messrs organizers.
I am in BRAZIL, follow the work by balloonsit. wanted much to participate in the seminars there in Polonia.Mesmo not having an advanced knowledge, and the difficulty of the language, can participate in this EVENT? ... I love to watch and even more so when you step by step.
Elzira Alves

Ilse Pappe |3 Mar 2011 14:15|
I'm trying to make the payment to attend the convention but I can make through your website, how can we do?
I hope your comments, have a nice day

Michael Gjerek |15 Dec 2010 09:14|
Hi Julia,

Please go to this link
link where you will find all neccessary informations.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Yuliya Andreveva |14 Dec 2010 06:04|
Good afternoon, Michael. How I can be registered for participation in action? What for this purpose it is necessary to me?
Yours faithfully, Julia
Michael Gjerek |12 Dec 2010 11:39|
Hi Garlis,

The hotel price during the event is included into the registration of the event. For the case you stay one night longer the price for one night is between 30 - 50 € depending on the room.
Regarding the airport you asked me in the email - it is the The Frederic Chopin International Airport, which has usually the best connections.
Garlis Bolivar |12 Dec 2010 02:02|
Hello, if I arrive at Warsaw airport, as I would go to the Napoleonic Smithy Hotel in Terezin and how I can know what the room rates at the hotel, as I would have to leave the same one day after the end of the event.
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