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Polka Dot Owl - Step by step article

12 Avgust 2015

Create a spooky Halloween welcome sign with this very popular Polka Dot Owl.
Material List
1. Balloon Pump or Premiun`s Cool Air inflator
2. Pastel Black 12 inch balloons ( B105) - cca 6 pieces
3. Pastel Black 12 inch Polka Dot printed balloons - cca 2 pieces
4. Pastel Red 12 inch Polka Dot printed balloons - cca 2 pieces
5. Pastel Black 5 inch ( D5) - 2 pieces
6. Pastel Ocher 5 inch ( D5) - 5 pieces
7. Pastel Orange 5 inch ( D5) - 2 pieces
8. Pastel Black Modellins 260`s - 4 pieces
9. Helium for 3 x 12 inch balloons
10. Balloon ribbon
11. Sissors
If you have any further queries or require more information, you can put your questions / comments under the article. 

Step 1
Prepare 2 double clusters from 4 x 12 inch Pastel Black balloons inflated to 8 inch. Combine both double clusters.

Step 2
Prepare 2 double clusters from 4 x 5 inch Pastel Ocher balloons inflated to 4 inch. Combine the 2 double clusters into one 4 balloon cluster.

Step 3
Combine the 2 clusters from step 1 and 2.

Step 4
Place 1 Black 12 inch balloon into another. Fill them with water and tie them.

Step 5
Fix the water weight to the bottom of the 8 balloon cluster from step 4.

Step 6
Inflate 1 x 12 inch Black Polka Dot balloon to 9 inch and tie it to the cluster base from step 5.

Step 7
Inflate 2 x 260 Pastel Black modelling balloons and tie them together. Fix them between the 4 and 8 inch balloons of the base. Cross both balloons on top of the Polka Dot balloon.

Step 8
Make a pinch twist in each one of the modellings and remove the rest of the modellings.

Step 9
Fully inflate one Black modelling and tie both ends together.

Step 10
Split the balloon into 4 parts as shown below.

Step 11
Pull the smaller parts over the bigger parts.

Step 12
Combine the modelling from step 11 to the pinch twists from step 8.

Step 13
Create the eyes from one 5 inch Pastel Orange  balloon inflated to 4 inch and one 5 Black balloon inflated to approximately 0,5 inch. Be careful to tie the knot as close to the end of the neck of the balloons as possible, away from the body of the balloons. Push the knot of the cluster inside the Royal Blue balloon with one hand and hold it with the other hand.

Step 14
Take half of a modelling balloon and tie a strong knot around the knot to hold it in place . You will probably need the help of another person for this. Repeat step 13 and 14 for the second eye.

Step 15
place the eyes between the black modelling balloons as shown on image below.

Step 16
To create the beak, inflate one 5 inch Ocher balloon to 2,5 inch and push the air into the neck of the balloon.

Step 17
Place the knot of the beak between the eyes.

Step 18
To finish the decoration, inflate 3 x 12 inch Polka dot balloons and fix the to bottom of the owl.

Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with your Owl. Don’t forget to uploaded your pictures on the Picture Gallery!

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