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Pacifier helium bouquet - Step by step article

24 Aug 2015

Baby bouqets are always a warm addition to any Baby shower celebration. In this article we will show you how to create a quick and easy Pacifier balloon bouquet.
Change the color of balloons to blue and use it also for Baby boy celebrations. 
Combine it with any latex or foil baby theme balloons

Material list
1. Balloon inflator - Premium Cool Air or Premiun`s Twist and flate
2. Pastel Pink 5 inch balloons - 7 pieces
3. Pastel White 5 inch balloons - 1 piece
4. Pastel Rose  5 inch balloons - 4 pieces
5. Rose modelling balloons 260`s - 2 pieces
8. Pastel Rose 12 inch balloons - 2 pieces
9. Pastel Pink 12 inch balloons - 1 piece
White modelling balloons (260s) – cca 2 pieces
3. Pink 5 inch balloons - cca 26 pieces
4. Small stand
If you have any further queries or require more information, you can put your questions / comments under the article.    
Step 1
Place 1 Pink 5 inch balloon into another. Fill them with water and tie them.
Step 2
Prepare 2 double clusters from 4 x 5 inch Pastel Fuchsia balloons inflated to 4,5 inch. Combine both double clusters.
Step 3
Prepare 2 double clusters from 4 x 5 inch Pastel Pink balloons inflated to 3,5 inch. Combine both double clusters.
Step 4
Combine the 2 clusters from step 2 and 3.

Step 5
Fix the balloons filled with water to the bottom of the 8 balloon cluster from step 4. 
Step 6
Combine one 5 inch Pastel Pink balloon inflated to 4,5 inch and one 5 inch White balloon inflated to approximately 3 inch. Be careful to tie the knot as close to the end of the neck of the balloons as possible, away from the body of the balloons.                                                                                                                                                     
Step 7
Push the knot of the cluster inside the White balloon with one hand and hold it with the other hand. Take half of a modelling balloon and tie a strong knot around the knot to hold it in place . You will probably need the help of another person for this.
Step 8
Inflate half of a Fuchsia modelling balloon and tie both ends. Cut and remove the uninflated part.

Step 9
Fix the rest of the modelling from the apple twist (step 7) to the Fuchsia modelling circle.

Step 10
Fix the pacifier with help of an uninflated modelling to the 8 balloon cluster form step 5. 
Step 11
Inflate 3 x 12 inch balloons to 12 inch and place them to the 8 balloon cluster under the pacifier.
Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with your Pacifier Helium decoration  and don’t forget to upload your pictures to the Picture Gallery

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