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Spider Helium Decoration - Step by step article

29 July 2015

In this step by step photo article we will show you how to create an impressive Halloween spider helium bouquet with BELBAL`s spider printed balloons and our balloon spider from one of our previous articles. A fun and versatile decoration to use as focal point or as table decoration.

Material list
1. Balloon inflator - Premium Cool Air or Premiun`s Twist and flate
2. Black modelling balloons (260s) – cca 6 pieces
3. BELBAL Pastel Black 5 inch balloons – cca 2 pieces
4. BELBAL Metallic Purple 5 inch balloons - cca 12 pieces
5. BELBAL Pastel Orange 5 inch balloons - cca 10 pieces
6. BELBAL Crystal Clear 12 inch balloons - cca 1 piece
7. BELBAL Spider printed balloons - cca 3 pieces
8. Puppet Eyes - cca 2 pieces
9. Balloon Glue or doublesided tape
10. Helium for 3 balloons
11. Balloon Ribbon

If you have any further queries or require more information, you can put your questions / comments under the article.    
Step 1
Prepare 3 Pastel Orange double clusters from 6 x 5 inch Pastel Orange balloons inflated to 3,5 inch and 3 Metallic Purple double clusters from 6 x 5 inch Metallic Purple inflated to 4,5 inch.

Step 2
Combine all clusters into one 12 balloon cluster.

Step 3
Place 3 x 5 inch Metallic Purple and 3 x 5 inch Pastel Orange balloons into one 12 inch Crystal Clear balloon.

Step 4
Prepare a water weight from 2 x 5 inch Metallic Purple balloons and place it under the 12 balloon cluster.

Step 5
Fix the Crystal Clear balloon on top of the Crystal Clear balloon.

Step 6
Create 3 double clusters from 6 Black modelling balloons. Twist one pinch twist in the most inflated balloon.

Step 7
Combine all  three modelling double clusters to one six balloon cluster.

Step 8
Create a double cluster from 2 x 5 inch Black round balloons. Inflate one to 3 inch and one to 5 inch.

Step 9
Fix the six balloon modelling cluster under the 2 round balloon double cluster.

Step 10
Tie 2 and 2 modellings balloons together as shown below.

Step 11
Place the spider on top of the Crystal Clear balloon. Push the knots of the Black modellings under the Orange balloons.

Step 12
Fix the pupet eyes with balloon glue or doublesided tape.

Step 13
To finish the decoration, inflate 3 x 12 inch Spider Printed balloons and fix them to the 12 balloon cluster.

Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with your Halloween Spider Helium decoration  and don’t forget to upload your pictures to the Picture Gallery

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