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Palme Tree General DecoTool Xpress - FREE DOWNLOAD

29 May 2015

Our Xpress DecoTools will save you time in planning and calculating your decorations.
This popular and versatile palm tree is available in the e-shop now for purchase and can be used in a wide variety of settings from parties to holiday promotions.
Measuring 3m h x 2.m w, the experienced decorator can construct this in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes using 11 round latex and modelling balloons.

The information contained within this Decotool aims to provide technical information and basic instructions to build the illustrated balloon decoration.

Sales Support Picture
The illustration of the decoration enables the finished product to be visualised. The picture can be added to a portfolio to use as a sales tool, this giving a professional image of balloon decorations and a visual image for customers.

Sales Support Picture - click to entlarge

Materials List
Listed are all the materials required to build the decoration, this saves time and calculations.
Remember that as balloon art is a very personal effect, sizes may vary according to the users own sizing
and strengths. It is therefore advisable to ensure that additional product is available to accommodate
different sizing and errors etc. We have included a 10% increase on quantities of material required to
allow for some margin of difference in construction.

Material List - click to entlarge

Dimensions of Decorations
The dimensions are given according to our professional balloon decorators. However, as mentioned,
sizes may vary slightly from those listed. The dimensions give the user an idea of the size of the
decoration, which may be customised according to the requirement (for example the height).

Dimensiones of Decorationes - click to entlarge

Dimensions of Construction
It is important that the structure is correct if the decoration is to be formed according to the
specifications. We have therefore drawn a separate image of the structure for your guidance.

Dimensiones of Construction - click to entlarge

Balloon Sizes
We show a detailed diagram of the sizing required for the balloons in order to construct your finished

Balloon Sizes - click to entlarge

Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with this Palm Tree General DecoTool Xpress and we would be very pleased to see the results uploaded to our Picture Gallery!

The BalloonsIT Team

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