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Balloons, ribbons and crowns - wedding table composition - Photo Article

14 March 2012

 Created by Edward Trzeciakiewicz - Edan-Art Poland
 Watch how Edward simply combines balloons with other deco material to create this table  arrangement. Follow along this images and create your Eastern or wedding table decoration. 
 As this article contains only step by step pictures and no explanation, we suggest you concentrate on each picture carefully as it should contain all the information you will need.

If you have any further queries or require more information, you can put your questions / comments under the article.  
Step 1

Picture 1
Step 2

Picture 2
Step 3

Picture 3
Step 4

Picture 4
Step 5

Picture 5
Step 6

Picture 6
Step 7

Picture 7
Step 8

Picture 8
Step 9

Picture 9
Step 10

Picture 10
Step 11

Picture 11
Step 12

Picture 12
Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with this table decoration. We hope to see some of your results uploaded in our Picture Gallery!

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