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Happy Birthday Centerpiece - Photo Step by Step article

22 February 2012

 Created by Edward Trzeciakiewicz - Edan-Art Poland

A Birthday centerpiece adds a special touche to your party table.  To learn how to make this 60 - 70 cm high centerpiece in about 15- 20 minutes follow our easy 9 steps.

Material List:
1. #1420084 - Happy Birthday Orange B105 Mettalic
2. 5 inch Metallic mix colors - 30 pcs
3.  Modeling mix colors  - 20 pcs
4. Sizer for , 3, inch balloons
5. Balloon Pump or Premiums Minicool Air Inflator
6. Mini Balloon Stand
7. White Deco Paper

We suggest you concentrate on each picture carefully as it should contain all the information you will need.

If you have any further queries or require more information, you can put your questions / comments under the article.

Step 1
Prepare a small balloon stand 40 cm high. 

Picture 1
Step 2
Cover the stand with a Green modelling balloon. Prepare a 4 balloon cluster from 4 x 5 inch Bright Orange balloons inflated to 3 inch. Place the cluster on the bottom of the stand.

Picture 2
Step 3
Prepare 12 different colored modelling balloons, approximately 20 cm long with 2 pinch twists on each end.

Picture 3
Step 4
Pinch twist view.

Picture 4
Step 5
Fix on each side between the Pinch Twists one 5 inch balloon inflated to 2,5 inch

Picture 5
Step 6
Place different colored round balloons to the modellings.

Picture 6
Step 7
Twist the Green modelling around the Blue modelling as shown below.

Picture 7
Step 8
Add 4 more modellings with round balloons to the sculpture from step 7. Fix this little modelling star / cluster to the bottom of the stand.

Picture 8
Step 9
Prepare another modelling star / cluster and fix it on the top of the stand. To finish the centerpiece inflate one Orange Birthday Message printed balloon and fix it above the star.

Picture 9
 Good Luck!
We wish you much fun and success with this centerpiece. Don’t forget to uploaded your pictures on the Picture Gallery! 


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