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Successful Launch

6 Apr 2005

There was huge interest at the Halloween and Party Show recently for the launch of BalloonsIT, in Telford UK.

Non-stop live demonstrations were given throughout the show, and the stand was inundated with visitors, not surprising, as it is not often that the balloon industry sees a new dimension such as this.

“We knew that the decorator market was in need of professional marketing material, but the interest and uptake of the BalloonsIT DecoTools has been fantastic – we are really pleased” stated Michel Van Even, General Manager of Belbal.

The BalloonsIT team travelled to Telford from Belgium, Slovenia, Russia and London and had two days decorating, preparing, battling with electrics and internet connections to finally be ready for the opening of the show doors on Sunday 3rd April.

The stand design was aimed to bring a new look to a ‘party show’ bringing the softness of balloon decorating with the cutting edge of communication technology.

The interest in the stand was immediate and there were so many visitors that all three screens were up and running for the first demonstrations. Wow, what a start! The real pointer of things to come – the first member was signed up from the first demo. We could not have asked for a better start. Late morning came the presentation of the BalloonsIT promotion dress – Pauline was delighted to hand out leaflets dressed completely in balloons, she was much photographed that day.

The second day was just a busy, by now we were used to the ‘buzz’ of the stand and really enjoyed the reaction of the visitors and their positive feedback. The seminar in the teaching room was much improved from the first day, we had time to prepare our demo without the use of the internet or wall projector and it proved a good forum for visitors to hear the comments and questions from each other.

The evening party started with a ‘laugh’ the BalloonsIT team showed up with balloon animal hats much to the admiration of the crowd and I don’t think any of the team had ever had people queuing up to take photographs before – definitely a new experience there.

The last day of any show is always the quietest, but still visitors came to BalloonsIT and more members signed-up. The team had put in great efforts, but they we were all well rewarded. The launch was a great success and we all look forward to working with the new members and users of BalloonsIT.

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