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Confetti on the Inside of Clear Balloons

1 May 2007

Instructions for Confetti on the Inside of Clear Balloons 
The very festive and eye-catching arrangement shown below can be made by putting colored foil confetti in balloons as follows.

- 16-inch clear latex balloons
- Foil confetti
- Canning funnel

- Add SUPER HI-FLOAT or ULTRA HI-FLOAT to 16-inch clear balloon using the blue pump restriction clip.
- Rub the outside of the balloon in the usual manner to spread the coating over the inside surface.
- Blow a puff of air into the balloon so the sides of te balloon are not touching.
- Add about one-third of a cup of chopped foil or other soft confetti into the balloon through a canning funnel. You can make this confetti by cutting up some old foil balloons which have popped, or you may buy it already chopped from several distributors.
- Inflate the balloon with helium to about the size of a grapefruit.
- Shake the balloon vigorously to spread the confetti uniformly around inside.
- Inflate the balloon the rest of the way with Helium and tie it with rainbow curling ribbon.
- Attach several of these balloons to a bottle of jellybeans for a really colorful arrangement.
- This same technique can be used to put sparkling glitter inside the balloon.
The key to getting the confetti uniformly spread over the inside of the balloon without forming clumps is to avoid rubbing the balloon after the confetti is added. Instead, inflate the balloon slightly and shake it.
NOTE: It is always a good idea when working with confetti to wear protective eye wear.

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