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How to use Hi-Float - Coating The Outside Of Air-Filled Balloons After Inflation

7 February 2007

A dilute HI-FLOAT coating may be applied to the outside of the latex balloon after it is inflated to keep it from oxidizing (turning chalky). This is especially useful for those arrangements where items such as stuffed animals are put inside of clear balloons and it is important that the balloon remain clear for a long time. Treating the outside of an air-filled clear balloon will keep it bright and clear for several weeks if it is cared for properly. The following photo shows a bear in the balloon where one-half of the balloon has been coated with HI-FLOAT. The treated half remains clear even after several weeks! The un-coated half started turning chalky in a few days.

Warning: Air-filled balloons having an external coating of HI-FLOAT must be kept in an air-conditioned location in hot weather. Exposure to heat and/or high humidity can cause the balloon to burst or deflate prematurely.
We recommend using regular HI-FLOAT for all coatings on the outside of balloons. ULTRA HI-FLOAT is not suitable for this use.
This dilute coating method does not work well on helium filled balloons since it can cause streaking.
The proceedure for coating the outside of an air-filled balloon is:

- Inflate the balloon and stuff it as usual.

- Attach the stuffed balloon to a cup and stick to provide a handle.

- Mix one cup of HI-FLOAT with 2 cups of warm water. Stir gently to avoid making foam.

- Place the balloon in a large pan and gently pour the liquid over it while slowly rotating the balloon as shown the figure to the right. Make sure the entire outside surface of the balloon is wetted.

- Hang the coated balloon up by the handle so that it can drip and dry. Under normal conditions drying takes about 30 minutes.

Drying can be quickened by using a handheld hair dryer. Do not aim the blower at one spot too long since this could burst the balloon.
The liquid which drains into the pan may be placed in a capped bottle and saved for reuse. Refrigerate during storage to keep mold from forming.
Any bubbles in the coating will collect at the lowest point. Wipe this spot gently with a damp sponge after drying about 15 minutes. After drying, touch up any missed spots with the small brush.
Do not dilute the HI-FLOAT more than two parts water to one part HI-FLOAT. A more dilute solution will not wet the balloon surface properly and the final coating will be spotty.
Never dilute HI-FLOAT for coating uninflated balloons since this will drastically reduce floating life! Use the diluted material only for coating balloons which are already inflated.
This outside coating will also remove oxidation which has already occurred.
This technique will keep balloon animals made from twisted 260 balloons looking big and shiny for several days. Simply place the animal in the pan, pour the diluted mixture over it, and hang it by the knot until dry.

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