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Santa - Photo article

3. January 2007

We are pleased to present you another Christmas photo article - Santa sculpture.
12 Pictures and 2 video clips give you detailed insight into the sculpture which stands at approximately 1.2m x 1.2m.
The system our decorator used to make the sphere is the same used for the Pumpkin and the Snowman sculpture and can be seen here. The sphere is covered with approximatley 150 Belbal balloons inflated to 3.5.  Focus your attention on the opening in the sphere which is connected with the bag and can be filled with sweets or gifts. Ideas how to create the head are taken from the Santa 3 DecoTool Xpress.
Approximately 5-6 hours were taken to make the sculpture using 200 red, 40 pearl, 20 pink and 60 black 5 inch Belbal balloons. The hands were created with 2 black 20 inch  Belbal balloons, for the bag 20 brown 260's and for the sphere 100 red 260 modelling balloons. The following colours were used from the Belbal colour chart:
070 - Pearl
080 - Cherry Red
090 - Black
Enlarge the pictures by clicking on each picture.
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