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Confetti on Outside of Balloons

28 Nov 2006

 Instructions for Confetti on Outside of Balloons
- 11-inch latex balloons
- cup or glass
- pencil
- confetti or glitter
- Pour HI-FLOAT into a cup or glass
- Place the balloon to be coated on a pencil as shown below and dip it into a glass of pure HI-FLOAT.
- Withdraw the balloon and let it drain a couple of minutes.
- Inflate the balloon Helium or air and tie.
- As you inflate the balloon it will stop dripping. The outside coating of HI-FLOAT will remain wet and sticky for about twenty minutes. You can sprinkle confetti or glitter on the outside of the balloon during this time. Be careful not to use too much or the balloon will get heavy and will not float.
- Since the balloon is still wet you will need to be careful to tie it without touching the sides and you will want to keep it from touching other balloons for about a half an hour.
WARNING: Air-filled balloons having an external coating of HI-FLOAT must be kept in an air-conditioned location in hot weather. Exposure to heat and/or high humidity can cause the balloon to burst or deflate prematurely

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