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New Wedding DecoTool Compilations

14 May 2006

BalloonsIT bring you 3 new value wedding DecoTool compilation packages, all designed to give you a broad range of the most popular decorations used in wedding décor at significant  savings on the list price. You can choose from a 5 DecoTool package  aimed at the teacher or even a novice decorator, a 7 Xpress DecoTool package for the more advanced decorator or a 16 Visual DecoTool package designed to boost your portfolio with a wealth of high quality professional images at minimal cost.

Members can make savings of between 50% and 75% on the normal list price of these DecoTools whilst non members pay just 50 Euros more, equal to the cost of a membership.

If you haven’t already joined, why not sign up now and make the maximum savings on these packages plus get all the other many benefits of membership including full and unlimited access to the Picture and Video Galleries, free member only DecoTool downloads, special Member Resources and great savings on all purchases in the E-shop.
With the wedding season now into full swing, this is a fantastic opportunity to purchase these  quality decorator packages at excellent prices. To find out more about DecoTools and how they can enhance your business and save you valuable time, why not download some of the free downloads available from the e-shop.

Wedding DecoTool Compilation
( 5 DecoTool package)
Members price 90 Euro
Non members price 140 Euro

Wedding DecoTool Xpress Compilation
( 7 Xpress DecoTool package)
Members price 100 Euro
Non members price 150 Euro

Wedding DecoTool Visual Compilation
(16 Visual DecoTool package)
Members price 50 Euro
Non members price 100 Euro

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